" /> Gloves in a Bottle | 16 fl oz Gloves In A Bottle with dispenser – New!

16 fl oz Gloves In A Bottle with dispenser – New!


16oz Gloves In A Bottle with pump top. Over 500 applications. Ideal for salons or the workplace.

  • Bonds with the outer skin layer to form a protective waterproof shield
  • Allows natural moisture and oils to be retained
  • Relief from dry and irritated skin and conditions like contact dermatitis
  • Non greasy, no residue, no fingermarks
  • Lasts upto 4 hours, comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells
  • Pump top dispenser included


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How does it work?

Gloves In A Bottle is a Shielding Lotion and works by creating a protective waterproof ‘shield’ with the outer layer of skin.This shield will remain in place for 2 to 3 hours and will not wash or rub off and so allows the natural oils and moisture in the skin to be retained and at the same time protects against outside irritants.
The big difference between GIAB and regular moisturisers is that it remains in place for 2-3 hours (won’t wash or rub off) and actually enhances the skin’s ability to retain more of its own oils. This is more effective than adding artificial moisture which soon comes off and simply masks the problem for a short time.
How to use Gloves In A Bottle:
Wash hands with soap and water and dry thoroughly.
Apply a pea-sized drop onto clean dry skin and rub in well. After 30 seconds or so it will be completely absorbed into the outer layer of skin cells.
It will not wash or rub off and will remain in place for 2-3 hours coming away as skin cells naturaly exfoliate but whilst in place will protect against chemical irritants and the drying effects of handwashing and use of alcohol gels.
Gloves In A Bottle is hypoallergenic and fragrance free and is not a ‘beauty product’ but more of a practical solution to help solve the common problem of sore, dry, and cracked hands and conditions like contact dermatitis. It is therefore ideal for people whose hands are continually in water or for those who regularly wash or gel their hands eg nurses.
Gloves In A Bottle has been clinically proven to be fully compatible with alcohol hand gels so you can use it prior to applying hand sanitizer and be confident your hands will be protected AND germ free. For the full  report click here