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08 Dec Barrier Creams

BARRIER CREAMS In industrial and general applications, barrier creams are used to protect against cleaning compounds, solvents, acids, oils and other caustic substances. In the cosmetic industry, they are used prior to the application of foundations, makeup, skin toners and other caustic substances common to that...

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27 Apr Can hand gels ruin your skin?

See further press coverage on how using alcohol gels can damage our skin. Gloves In A Bottle will protect hands against the drying effect of alcohol gels and our laboratory report has shown that using it does not interfere with the effectiveness of hand sanitizers. Daily Mail,...

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Good Skin Care and Diabetes and why diabetes is associated with poor skin health. People with diabetes are prone to dry skin, particularly when blood glucose levels are high. Researchers believe that the body may actually “rob” the skin of moisture to reduce glucose levels. This...

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