Below are a few reasons you may want to reconsider using traditional moisturisers

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1. Moisturisers clog your pores

A traditional moisturiser can potentially clog your pores, especially if it’s too rich, leading to blemishes and breakouts. Vegetable and mineral oils often clog pores by sitting on the surface of the skin, and water-soluble, vitamin-packed moisturisers can oxidize or become rancid, which may prompt breakouts.

2. Moisturisers with mineral oils can be tumorigenic in some instances 

A study has found that topical applications of many conventional moisturisers with mineral oils may increase skin cancer risk. For the full report click here  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2630214/?tool=pubmed

3. Moisturisers dry out your skin

Moisturisers are incapable of penetrating the outer layer of skin to address the underlying cause of dry skin, they just sit on the surface and soon wash or rub off. The very presence of a conventional moisturiser sitting on the surface of the skin convinces the brain that the skin is adequately hydrated so it actually causes a reduction in the production of the skin’s own natural moisture. The result is that the skin actually stays dry as the problem is not being resolved.Gloves In A Bottle does not add artificial moisture but enhances the skin’s ability to retain its own natural oils – better in the long run.

4. Moisturisers can lead to severe chronic skin conditions

Conventional moisturisers are thick and tend to clog pores which leads to a higher risk of more severe skin conditions.

5. Moisturisers can lead to health problems

Moisturisers often inhibit the skin’s ability to breathe and perspire naturally. Perspiration and breathing is how the skin excretes toxic build up in the body. By restricting this mechanism, the body is more prone to sickness and other health problems.

6. Moisturisers are bad for the environment

Most conventional moisturisers contain preservatives and other chemical agents that are bad for the environment. One study found that oxybenzone, a substance in many moisturizing and sun blocking products, is actually destroying coral reefs around the globe.

The alternative:

While there are many reasons to avoid conventional moisturisers, it is possible to keep the skin hydrated and even protected against allergens and irritants without exposing yourself to common risks associated with moisturisers.

Gloves In A Bottle (GIAB) is a shielding lotion that has the dual effect of keeping the skin hydrated and protected against harmful skin irritants and allergens.It works by forming a bond with the outer layer of skin, locking in the skin’s own natural moisture and oil, and providing a natural buffer against caustic substances the skin may come in contact with.

GIAB is not petroleum or oil based so it doesn’t have the pore-clogging effects of conventional moisturisers. It does not contain parabens, oxybenzone, or anything else that is harmful to the body or to the environment. It also allows the skin to breathe and perspire naturally.

GIAB is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, water resistant and not sticky. Once applied, it remains in place until the skin exfoliates(3-4 hours), even after repeated washing.Most conventional moisturisers are ineffective so why take the risks when a good shielding lotion will do the trick without all the negative side effects? Get your Gloves In A Bottle now!

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